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Workday@Bucknell is overseen by a governance body that consists of three sponsors and the Workday Optimization Committee (WOC).

Workday Sponsors
Param Bedi – Vice President, Library & Information Technology
Pierre Joanis – Vice President, Human Resources
David Surgala – Vice President, Finance & Administration

Workday Optimization Committee (WOC) – a cross-functional team responsible for the decisions, planning, and communication necessary to operate and continuously optimize Workday as both the product and Bucknell University evolve.
Cindy Bilger – Director, HRIS & Benefits (
Chuck Gerst – Assistant Director, Operations (
Don Kuhn – HRIS Manager (
Pamela Noone – Director, Financial Information Systems (
Ron Stauffer – Senior Associate Controller (
Jill Taylor – Director, Payroll & Student Employment Services (
Kevin Willey – Exec. Director, Enterprise Technologies (